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Explore The World and Transform Lives

Is This You?

TESOL Course

TEFL International’s TESOL Course is the only course validated and accredited by a US University. This accreditation is higher than other international TESOL certificates, some of which are only validated by an examining board more …

Do you love travelling?

TEFL International’s TESOL/TEFL Teacher training program opens doors to the whole world for you. With this Teacher training qualification you can select your country of choice to work as an English Teacher. Instead of just being a tourist now you can truly explore the place, interact with the locals, contribute to the society and make your travel a value based experience.

Do you like to explore new cultures?

A passing traveler can never have the real feel of a place or community. He or she experiences a very limited and shallow view of the region. However being a respected member of society as a TEFL/TESOL trained teacher you have an up close and personal relation with your adopted country whether short or long term.

Do you celebrate diversity?

Our world is a fascinating place. We are all different and that is what makes it so exciting. TEFL International TEFL/TESOL Teacher training program gives you the opportunity to marvel and appreciate this diversity. To live in a society or place that shares nothing familiar with your own, be it food, language, flora or fauna and yet connects you to the heart and soul of people is an amazing experience.

Are you looking for a purpose in life?

Most of us pass through life without knowing why and whereof. We mechanically go though the daily grind and then reach a stage hen all seems futile but by then there is not much to do. The ever increasing rate of depression, frustration and mental inflictions even among the very young is alarming. It is this inability to know oneself and to find focus in life leads to unhappiness. Being a teacher is a privilege. It is the only vocation that touches lives.

Do you want to make a lasting contribution?

They say when you don’t know what to do in life…. Teach. We take our education for granted. Teaching helps you value your education. And learning is all about sharing knowledge and wisdom. There are many who don’t have the basic right to education. A TEFL International TEFL/ TESOL teacher training course helps you contribute in a positive way to the world community. It broadens your horizon and changes your perspective to life. TEFL International teacher training program helps you be more inclusive.

Do you want to learn new languages?

Research says learning multiple languages enhances cognitive skills. Switching language codes also improves social skills. Languages carry culture and history of societies. TEFL International TESOL course gives you the unique opportunity to acquire a foreign language in an immersion set up.

Do you consider yourself to be a global citizen?

In this world of strife and stress education is our only hope and communication the key. It is important that we have a bridge language so that people are not misunderstood. A TEFL International TESOL course gives you the opportunity to teach English to speakers of other languages across the globe and to help you become a global citizen appreciating our plurality and yet becoming aware of the singularity of all human existence.

Do you want more excitement in life?

Do you have to drag yourself to work? Does life feel like a chore? Are you stuck in the grind? Then this is your opportunity to break free. A TEFL International TESOL /TEFL teacher training course changes your life. It helps you from burning out and gives you the chance to explore the many facets of life. Living in a society that is vastly different form yours with a different language, cuisine and culture in itself is exciting and challenging. You will rediscover yourself and marvel at your ability to adjusts and enjoy situations beyond your comfort zone.

Are you happy making some one smile?

The reward of teaching does not lie in a fat pay cheque. It is instead in the wonderment in the student’s eye, the smile on their faces and the unquestionable love in their hearts for the teacher. The happiness the teacher feels in making learning fun is beyond any measure. TEFL International TESOL course gives you the methods, materials and tools to do exactly this.

Are you passionate about life itself?

What is this life if it is not lived with passion every moment? If you haven’t travelled beyond your shores, if you haven’t tasted food which in unfamiliar, if you haven’t tried to make speech sounds entirely different from yours then you haven’t yet lived this unique life. TEFL International TESOL Teacher training course gives you the opportunity, skill and ability to explore this world and thereby transform your own life and those of others. Teachers are passionate people, their passion lies in touching lives. Be one of them.

Why Us?

TEFL International is one of the pioneer TEFL course providers in the world and the only TEFL/TESOL Certification course which is accredited by a US University. TEFL International is the only 4 week TEFL certificate fully accredited through an American university. It provides the unique opportunity and experience of teaching abroad and also gain 3 credits towards ones college education. Also called TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) or TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is an amazing opportunity to explore the world and transform lives.

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Sangeeta Banerjee

Academic Head and Lead TESOL Trainer India

“Sangeeta is an experienced and qualified TEFL Trainer and a pioneer in the field of TEFL training in India. She is a teacher, trainer, mentor for the past 25+ years.“

Course Duration - Why 4 weeks?

Are you confused? You are not the only one. A search for the right TEFL/ TESOL course confuses most people. The overwhelming number of course providers with exciting promises and a vast range of prices leaves one exhausted and foxed. There are courses that look great on the website but most often than not sketchy in content. There are certain parameters that one should look for while on this search.

The most reliable one is from an acquaintance or a friend who has done the program. And here I mean just not enjoyed the stay abroad but found the course to be comprehensive. A TEFL/TESOL course is a teacher training program.

It should provide you with the essential inputs of language awareness, what and how to teach the language skills, classroom management skills, lesson models to cover most age and level ranges and of course maximum interaction in real classroom with local students. Teaching is a skill and learning a skill takes time, so be weary of courses that are too short in duration. A 120 hour 4 week program is the standard requisite. Some providers try to fit these hours in 2 or 3 weeks time but one should keep in mind that in such a case either the quality or the content will be compromised. A 4 week program gives you maximum time with students which constitutes actual training to get prepared for the classroom.

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While TEFL International is recognized as the leading TESOL course provider and respected worldwide for the quality of our training and dedication to our students, we are, admittedly, not the only organization offering TESOL courses. It is important that people seeking online or traditional TESOL courses be extremely careful when investigating the various options. There are countless organizations with an online presence offering TESOL courses and TESOL certification. Unfortunately, not all of these organizations have a reputation of trustworthiness and respectability. read more