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TEFL International is present in more than 30 locations across the globe with a strong presence in Asia.

TEFL International has trained and certified about 30, 000 teachers since 1998. TEFL International is one of the pioneer TEFL course providers in the world and the only TEFL/TESOL Certification course which is accredited by a US University. TEFL International is the only 4 week TEFL certificate fully accredited through an American university. It provides the unique opportunity and experience of teaching abroad and also gain 3 credits towards ones college education. Also called TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) or TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is an amazing opportunity to explore the world and transform lives.

TEFL International is present in more than 30 locations across the globe with a strong presence in Asia. It is therefore natural for it to open doors in India too and bring a quality course for Indian and global teachers who want to visit India.

There are two criteria one should look for before applying for a TEFL qualification. The first is whether the course covers 120 hours not just on paper but actually can account for the no of hours and secondly the faculty. There are course providers dime a dozen who either compromise on time or quality. Remember when something is available at an unbelievably low cost something is compromised either quality or quantity.

TEFL International is a 4 week program, 30 hours per week, 5 days a week 6 hours each day. A simple math leads to 120 hours. Any course that says they cover hours for self study is only trying to pull the wool over the student's eyes.

Secondly the next most important factor is the trainer. His/her experience and qualification matters and at the same time the feedback from previous trainees is true evaluation. In order to provide sub standard courses the providers are compromising on the quality of teaching. They hire unqualified trainers who fill in the classes with fluff and frill but with no real substance. It is only fair that when you pay for a program you take back learning worth your while.

TEFL International is one of the pioneers in the field and that is why they have the maximum number of schools all over the world. Their quality and curriculum has survived stiff competition from cheaper, newer entrants in the industry. TEFl International has not compromised on their quality and therefore have not lowered their price either. Good quality comes at a price.