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Course fees

TEFL Course Fees in India

TEFL International TESOL Program unlike other available courses is a 4 week course. It covers 120 hours of classroom sessions with no self study hours. The course is longer and more comprehensive than other shorter courses It is the only course validated and accredited by A US University. Check Accreditation(click to page). This accreditation is higher than other international TESOL certificates, some of which are only validated by an examining board and not many externally examined at all. Because of this higher standard, TEFL International is completely accepted by all international organisations.

Being a 4 week course it has more practicum hours which is the hallmark of any creditable skill based professional program. Our trainee teachers spend more time in an actual classroom than other courses. We do not compromise on quality. Hence for our time, standard and training our course fee is appropriately priced.

The TEFL International 120 Hours 4 week Course fee is $1000, which includes all training inputs, training materials, transport for practicum and certification fee. Accommodation, travel to course location and venue, and food cost has to be borne by the candidate

An initial deposit of $500 has to be made during enrolment and the rest can be paid on the first day of class at the location or online.

Payment options :
Directly to the bank:
Online payment gateway:
By cash to Centre Head: