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Are you ready for a new career and a change of scenery? In just four weeks you can be TESOL certified to teach English abroad and on your way to a new and exciting chapter in your life!

TESOL, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is synonymous with TEFL, which is short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL International is the world's leading provider of TESOL courses and certificates, offering more courses in more locations than any other teacher training organization in the world. With over 30 global course center locations, you can be assured that your TESOL certificate will be internationally recognized and the key to your future as an overseas English teacher.

TESOL courses are now required in most overseas countries to teach in either public or private schools. Because the worldwide demand for English teachers is so great, TESOL certification offers both job security and the sense of freedom that comes with being able to find and obtain employment anywhere in the world. In these unstable economic times, becoming TESOL certified is not only a smart investment, but the first step on your path to an exciting and rewarding career.

How to Choose the Right TESOL Certificate Course

While TEFL International is recognized as the leading TESOL course provider and respected worldwide for the quality of our training and dedication to our students, we are, admittedly, not the only organization offering TESOL courses. It is important that people seeking online or traditional TESOL courses be extremely careful when investigating the various options. There are countless organizations with an online presence offering TESOL courses and TESOL certification. Unfortunately, not all of these organizations have a reputation of trustworthiness and respectability. We here at TEFL International want to make sure that you have all the facts before choosing which organization to study with. Here are a few key points to be aware of when making this critical decision:

1. While online courses are convenient and even a necessity for some students, the option to learn in a classroom setting should be available. Make sure the program offers traditional classroom courses and is not strictly online. Teaching English is, in many ways, a physical skill and it is imperative that students receive training in a similar environment to that in which they will eventually be teaching. It is not uncommon for some employers to refuse to recognize purely online certification as legitimate training. While TEFL International provides online courses to accommodate our students' varied and busy lifestyles, we also offer more than 30 course centers in countries around the world for a more traditional learning experience.

2. It is required that all TESOL courses meet the international standard of at least 120 hours in length. There are countless organizations offering short, weekend courses that claim to quickly provide you with a TESOL certificate. Unfortunately, students who enroll in such courses are left with a piece of paper that few schools will accept. With TEFL International, you will be TESOL certified in just four weeks and can be absolutely confident that you will have received both a high quality education, and a valid certificate that will be accepted at English schools around the world.

3. Make certain that the course has at least six hours of observed teaching practice in a classroom setting. Teaching your fellow classmates is simply not adequate and does not provide a feel for what it is actually like to teach English to non-native speakers. Because this is the most important component of any TESOL certification course, it is essential to verify that courses include at least six hours of observation by an experienced English teacher.

4. Conduct a little background research on the organizations you are thinking about applying to. Do they have a global presence? Do they have "international recognition?" How many students have they graduated? Are they externally moderated? Are they affiliated with any universities in the United States or United Kingdom? How many years have they offered their TESOL courses? Finding the answers to these questions will help you find the answer to the most important question of all - which TESOL course should I choose?

About the TESOL Certificate

A TESOL certificate, which is equivalent to a TEFL certificate, takes only four weeks to earn. In just one month, you can earn the key to a lifetime of travel, exposure to new cultures, and international teaching experience. Rest assured that your TESOL certificate will never expire and you will never have to recertify. Enrollment in TEFL International's TESOL certification course is a one-time expense that brings endless dividends, both financially and personally.

TEFL International's TESOL Certification Course

Our TESOL course is recognized world-wide and accepted by trusted authorities in the field of education. Classes are both challenging and practical. You will be involved from day one in an on-going process with our teacher-trainers about the latest teaching methods and techniques. The course is professionally administered and monitored by outside, independent, and professional educators. Upon graduation, you will be asked to evaluate the course and provide input regarding the program and your experience with TEFL International, all of which is made available on our website for prospective students to gain insight into our different programs and training processes.

A TESOL certificate is considered an important qualification for teaching English. This course is intended for beginners who have never taught English, however teachers with a few years of English teaching experience are also invited to enroll in the course and become TESOL certified.

A TESOL certificate from TEFL International gives you the ability to, not only change your own life for the better, but the lives of countless students that you will have an impact on throughout your career.

To be eligible you need to be at least 18 years old and capable of producing university-level work in English. If you are not a native speaker of English you should be able to speak the language fluently. In most cases, you will need a valid passport in order to travel to the course center location of your choice.

With TEFL International, your training and education will be a fantastic journey of discovery. View our list of worldwide locations or contact TEFL International for detailed information on each of our global course locations.

TESOL Course Syllabus

View TEFL International's TESOL course syllabus to find a detailed course description and schedule. Learn what material will be covered and how the course itself will be structured.