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eClass TESOL Course Fee

TEFL Course Fees in India

To top everything that I have said so far is the fact that you will be getting all of this at only 30% of the original course cost.

Along with the course fee one had to incur the cost of travel to the course location, accommodation and food cost. So you pay only 50% of the course fee and save the entire amount on the course location costs. With everything else remaining constant, that is the course, training, contact hours, Course materials and certification you will need to pay only $510 or 39,500INR.

You get an international qualification at nearly a 70% discount.

eClass TESOL Course Benefits

The eTESOL course benefits remain the same. TEFL certified teachers may teach in regular schools, in communicative English departments of colleges and universities, in soft skills and language training in the corporate sector, in language institutes and more recently as online tutors. In short anywhere where there is a language training requirement.

The TESOL course has been sought after mostly by teachers wanting to teach abroad. So you may ask how will this certificate course benefit you? Well, you may not physically move to another country but teaching English online is a huge segment where the need for TESOL certified teachers is on the rise. Keeping in mind the changing times where work structures are undergoing change even the regular schools will employ online teachers. Many Multinationals have targeted to have 75% of their workforce to work from home.

The far is the new near, the home is the new work place, the virtual is becoming real and interface the new face to face. The world is undergoing a change. Education systems will also change. Teaching through virtual classrooms will be a reality and we will prepare you to stay ahead of the curve.

WFH (work from home)will soon be TFH(Teach from home).