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120 hours eClass TESOL Program

Education is dynamic and any change in society has always impacted the principles, theories, methods, techniques and materials in teaching and learning. Changing times demand change in measures. The teaching learning process has come a long way from the chalkboard to the white board to the smart board. But now we are on the verge of the next big step. Students will no longer come to school but the school will go to the students.

Online TEFL/ TESOL teaching has been around for the past decade and has picked up speed in a couple of years with all the major universities going online. And the recent pandemic has compelled even those who weren’t, to go online.

Most online TESOL courses expect learners to self study and some offer a blend of a few contact classes along with self study.

However most TEFL teacher recruiters prefer teachers who have done the in- class course to the ones that have done it online. Teaching is a skill and therefore the learning has to be experiential and hands on. You may know all the physics involved in swimming but unless you jump into the water and splash around and gulp some water you will never become a swimmer. The same with teaching…

Therefore we are offering you the same international curriculum with the same material, same assignments, same interactions, sharing of ideas and the same certification, with the same in-class experience but from the safety and security of your home or wherever you are. The eClass TESOL program.

The eClass TESOL Process

Instead of sitting across from the trainer in the classroom you will be across from the trainer on the screen daily for the entire duration of the course but from your homes. So you have the same input from the trainer with the same interactions exchange of ideas and discussion but without leaving home. Your questions will be answered immediately and your doubts cleared. You will also exchange views and ideas and experiences with other participants. The course will be conducted through an interactive live classroom on a daily basis at fixed timings during the entire duration of the course. Assignments will be submitted and evaluated online and through face to face interactions.

eClass TESOL Eligibility:

Fluency in English and with a device that will support the live classroom technology

eClass TESOL Course Duration:

120 hours (same as the in- class program)
Daily Contact classes with the trainer from Monday to Friday.
Last week – Teaching Practice

The same International curriculum, the same hours the same in class experience and the same internationally accredited certificate but from wherever you are. It will also follow the discipline and structure of a regular class.