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TESOL Online Program

TESOL Online Program

HYBRID TESOL Curriculum Components:

    • Foreign Language Experience(FLE). The teacher must take 3 hours of a foreign language in a class, or in one-to-one tutorials with a native speaker of the target language.
    • Student Profile (SP). The teacher identifies an English Language Learner (ELL) and completes the three required 60' sessions, which are documented.
    • Language Awareness (LA). The trainee will be able to identify key language features in their observations and teaching practice, and use phonemic transcription to connect spoken and written forms of the language.
    • DEMO Observations (DO). The teacher trainee will observe four 60-minute ELT classes, either at their own location, or videos assigned by the tutors.
    • Teaching Techniques (TT). The methodology is accepted as "best practices" for professional English language teaching. Tasks will be assigned from the course text and recorded on a daily basis in the Teacher's Journal.
    • Materials & Media Project (ME). The trainee will compile six sets of materials for each of their teaching practice classes.
    • Teaching Experience (TE).