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Our Strength is our Faculty

Dr. Bruce Veldhuisen

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

The founder of TEFL International, Mr. Veldhuisen was previously Course Director of language schools and TESOL courses in Hong Kong and Thailand for eight years before founding the world ’s largest teacher training institute and becoming a well-known name in the industry. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration, A Bachelor’s of Science in International Relations and Economics and is a certified Trinity College London teacher. Mr. Veldhuisen is committed to growth and helping others, but maintains a down-to-earth approach that keeps him personally involved with TI´s programs, customers and employers – a characteristic Mr. Veldhuisen has carried over into TEFL International’s mission and one of the cornerstones of our success.

Dr. Bruce Veldhuisen became involved in International Education purely by accident in 1991 but has been a force for positive chance since then. Beginning in Hong Kong and then developing and managing projects on 6 continents (nothing yet on Antarctica) he has been an innovator in the industry.

One of the organizations he created, TEFL International, was founded in 1998 and has been operating TESOL certificate courses for 20 years and has issued over 30,000 certificates worldwide.

David Hopkins

Director of Academics

As the director of TEFL International’s academic programs around the world, Mr. Hopkins holds Master’s degrees in both TEFL and Intercultural Management from the School of International Training. He has taught, developed, managed and trained teachers in language programs in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia for over three decades. His most recent position before coming on board with TEFL International was the course director at the AUA Language centre in Bangkok. Keeping up with changes in the industry and methodologies, Mr. Hopkins has helped bring TEFL International into the forefront of the industry with his experience and insightful knowledge. view more

Sangeeta Banerjee

Academic Head and Lead TESOL Trainer India

Sangeeta is an experienced and qualified TEFL Trainer and a pioneer in the field of TEFL training in India. She is a teacher, trainer, mentor for the past 25+ years. She began her career in the classroom as a teacher and then moved into teacher training since 2005. Along with TEFL/TESOL training in Thailand, Philippines and India she has developed curriculum and designed training modules for other teaching contexts, including Pre and Primary Teachers Training and BETT (Business English Teacher training) and Train the Trainer programs. She has a Masters in ELT, a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has completed a PGDBA + MBA with specialization in HR. She has a TEFL International Certificate in TESOL and a Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning. She is also a qualified IELTS Trainer from British Council. Sangeeta has worked as a Lead Trainer and Academic Head for two international teacher training organizations.